Melanie Rosato

Meet Melanie!

Class of: 2018

Blogger Role: Artist Spotlight and Contemporary Art

Major: Printmaking 


I chose Keystone’s art program because it was a local school that had a heavy focus on art when it began as a two-year institution. A strong connection to authenticity has always been important to me, so I felt Keystone was dedicated to bettering artists, because of their history. It promised one on one attention and intimate classes which helped encourage me to attend.

I think the purpose of art is to be a vessel for art to travel through. This can be interpreted in a variety of ways, but I feel following this philosophy allows me to remain honest as an artist, by letting the work, message, and aesthetics guide my decisions.

My favorite studio at Keystone has been Print II. This class allowed me to produce prints based on a theme, which pushed me to create more unified work. Being able to create politically charged work through different print-making processes also gave me the opportunity to discuss topics that I am passionate about.

In my free time I try to create as much independent work as I can manage while drinking massive cups of coffee. I like to go see local bands play around Scranton, where I live. More often though, I am playing with any dog or cat I can, hanging out with my mom, or listening to music.

In the future I aspire to start a small grassroots publication, take a road trip to the Pacific Northwest, and have my own print making studio. I want to experiment with performance art and expand my conceptual, political, and commercial work. I plan to follow any art opportunities that allow me to work with my hands until they bleed.