Scaling Up: from “Sketch” to Wax Model

By: Trevor Gregg In my last two posts about working with bronze, you may have noticed that the sculptures I chose to show were all made with little to no preliminary work. Don’t be fooled by this – sculptors aren’t spared from the process of planning out their work! Sometimes sketches and schematics are beneficial tools for working out a piece, but it can be tricky … Continue reading Scaling Up: from “Sketch” to Wax Model

Investment Casting: the Lost Wax Process

By Trevor Gregg In my last post, I briefly mentioned that metal is typically cast into a mold. This week I’d like to talk in more detail about the process of casting metal. There are different ways to make a mold. Many of them are made to pull apart into two or more pieces, giving the sculptor several advantages – multiple copies of the same … Continue reading Investment Casting: the Lost Wax Process

Making a Splash in Metal

By: Trevor Gregg There’s something mesmerizing about watching metal flow. Last semester I found myself wanting to explore the fluid quality of liquid bronze, so I decided to create several free-standing experimental sculptures. The process was different, and the results were more unpredictable, than with traditional bronze casting methods. Traditionally, a mold would be crafted for the metal to be poured into, but I decided not to use any molds … Continue reading Making a Splash in Metal