Trixie Mattel Prismacolor Drawing

By: Staci Srebro This week, I’m taking a break from drawings for my future exhibition work. I love the subject matter I’m working on, but sometimes you just need to step back from the pressure of making art that will be critiqued much more heavily. I feel like some people at times feel like art is just always for fun, relaxation, or an outlet for … Continue reading Trixie Mattel Prismacolor Drawing

Animal Series: Praying Mantis

By: Staci Srebro As previously mentioned in last week’s post, I am drawing a series of animals and building up a body of work for my future senior art show. I am trying to draw as many different types of animals as possible: not only mammals, or only cats…even though they are my favorite animals! I drew a Praying Mantis because they are one of … Continue reading Animal Series: Praying Mantis

Animal Series: Anglerfish

By: Staci Srebro For my next few posts on this blog, I will be posting artwork that pertains to my future art exhibition at Keystone College. I am not a senior yet, but will be starting the fall 2018 semester, so it’ still good to practice my artwork and theme for my future show. At Keystone College, all senior art students work through their senior … Continue reading Animal Series: Anglerfish